Couple accuse Delta of ‘deaf discrimination’ by refusing to communicate in writing


A deaf couple have threatened to sue Delta after a gate agent allegedly refused to communicate in writing.


A deaf couple from California claim they were discriminated against by a Delta employee who allegedly refused to communicate with them in writing.


Socorro Garcia and Melissa Yingst were travelling from Detroit to Los Angeles when they asked a Delta employee to seat them together on the plane.


However, because the couple are deaf, they had issues communicating with the gate agent.


When they wrote their request on a piece of paper, the couple claim the Delta agent rolled her eyes and threw the paper away.


In a video posted online, the couple share their account of events.


“Lost for words,” Garcia said in sign language on the video. “What did we do wrong?”


Delta Air Lines said there were conflicting views of the incident.


According to the airline, the agent had discarded the paper because she believed the conversation was over.


The airline said Garcia walked behind the podium to access the trash can, where he then pushed against the agent’s leg making her feel threatened.


The couple was denied boarding and were forced to book with a separate airline.