Crazy mass brawl breaks out on Wizz Air flight with British passenger punching pilot

Crazy mass brawl breaks out on Wizz Air flight with British passenger punching pilot | Secret Flying

Pilot ‘punched by passenger’ in mass brawl on Wizz Air flight.


A pilot was punched by an unruly British passenger who was later arrested after causing carnage on a Wizz Air plane in Crete.


According to reports, the mass brawl started soon after the flight landed on the Greek island, when two British passengers were toldΒ that police would escort them from the plane due to their poor behaviour on the flight.


The pair, who are reportedly from South London, smoked and vaped throughout the flight as cabin crew continued to serve them alcohol despite protests from other passengers.


After becoming increasingly irate because police officers were on their way to fetch them, the pilot emerged from the cockpit to diffuse the situation. However, he was attacked by one of the men as the brawl intensified.


The man was then dragged off the flight by police with his trousers round his ankles, witnesses said.


A 37-year-old woman flying to the Greek island for a week’s holiday with her husband told the British newspaper The Sun: “It was complete and utter chaos. The man and his friend had been so loud and abusive throughout the whole flight.


“But something clicked when the air stewardess told them they would be taken off the plane by police when we landed.


“It kicked off and he was just swinging punches as a group of guys tried to restrain him.


“The pilot came out and the guy hit him. He seemed okay but was understandably pretty shaken up. It was disgraceful.”


The scheduled return flight to the UK had to be cancelled as a result of the incident.


In a statement, the airline said: “Wizz Air confirms that crew were asked to go to the airport police station to file the case, by which point the crew had legally reached their duty time limitation, and needed time to rest before the return flight to Gatwick.


“Unfortunately, this meant that flight W95742 from Chania – Gatwick had to be rescheduled. The flight departed at 16:10 local time.


“Wizz Air sincerely apologises for any inconvenience caused, but the safety of passengers and crew is the airline’s number one priority.”