Delta bans pit bulls as service and emotional support dogs due to safety concerns

Delta Air Lines has announced a new update to its pet policy, banning “pit bull type” service and support dogs.


Delta Air Lines has said β€œpit bull type” dogs are no longer welcome as service or emotional support animals in the cabin on its domestic flights.


The airline says its new ban is in response to “growing safety concerns” after several employees and fellow passengers were bitten.


Figuring out exactly which dogs fall under the policy could be a challenge.


β€œPit bull type” dogs is a somewhat subjective term that can refer to several breeds that share similar physical characteristics.


Some service dog organisations and disability advocates have criticised the move, saying that the ban breaks federal laws.


β€œWhen Delta or anyone puts out a regulation like this that dictates what kind of dog can be a service dog, they are reducing access for someone with a disability,” said Regina Lizik of the Animal Farm Foundation in New York, which trains shelter dogs.


The new policy, which is set to go into effect 10th July, also limits passengers to one service or support animal per flight.