Delta passenger says flight attendant told wife she has a ‘stupid face’

Delta passenger says flight attendant told wife she has a ‘stupid face’ | Secret Flying

‘Don’t look at me with that stupid face’ Delta flight attendant allegedly tells passenger.


A Delta flight attendant allegedly told a passenger she had a “stupid face” after she went to use the first-class overhead bins.


Thomas Todd took to social media to complain about the incident aboard DL1260, saying he and his wife were both “threatened”, “verbally assaulted” and “wrongly removed” from the flight.


The pair claim it started when they put their luggage in the first-class overhead locker, as the Comfort Plus cabin – where they were seated with their children – did not have any space.


According to Todd, a flight attendant approached the couple yelling that those bins are “only for first class.”


“We were threatened and informed she is from the Bronx,” Todd said of the flight attendant in a January 30 post on Facebook.


The flight attendant reportedly placed their kids’ backpacks at their feet and attempted to place his oversized backpack at his feet too after pulling it from an overhead bin.


“I told her, ‘No, I will not put it at my feet,’” Todd said. “‘First, I paid for Comfort Plus, and I’m not losing my legroom with my bag when I paid for the upgraded seat.'”


He continued, “When she realized my bag was too big [for underneath the seat] she took it out of one bin and slammed it in the other bin and stormed off.” He added, “At this point we thought she was done being a jerk to us.”


As the airline’s safety video began playing on screens as part of the pre-takeoff routine, “She stands right in front of us, and I’m not looking up at her, so she asks very rudely for me to watch the video, saying I ‘might learn something.’”


“I pointed out that I was indeed watching the TV in front of me to the left,” Todd recalls


“So then she looks at Jen and says, ‘Don’t look at me with that stupid face.’ Jen looks at her and ask her what she just said and then the lady says that she is from the Bronx and you don’t want this.


“The only thing Jen was doing is smiling. So at this point I started to video her. … [She] informed us we would be kicked off the plane and that I was not allowed to video her.”


Soon after, “five people come on to remove us from the flight. Once we saw them, we immediately got up and pleasantly walked off the plane.”


The family were rebooked by the airline and upgraded to First Class.


“We did everything they ask and all we got in return is ‘we appreciate your patience’ and them dragging their feet. @Delta it’s time to do the right thing!” he tweeted.


Several Twitter users sided with the flight attendant, suggesting Todd was hiding something.


“I bet you anything that there’s more to the story, leading up to their boarding, complaining about no overhead bins,” one user wrote.


“I bet you they knew what they were doing and they filmed it at the precise moment that they knew they would get a response out of the flight attendant,” another said.