XMAS & NEW YEAR: Denver, Colorado to Calgary, Canada for only $180 roundtrip (Aug-Jun dates)

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Christmas and New Year flights from Denver, Colorado to Calgary, Canada for only $180 roundtrip with United Airlines.


Denver, USA


Calgary, Canada


Denver, USA


Availability from August 2020 to June 2021

Example dates:
22nd-29th Aug
26th Aug – 2nd Sep
1st-8th Sep
5th-12th Sep
9th-16th Sep
11th-18th Sep
15th-22nd Sep
19th-26th Sep
23rd-30th Sep
25th Sep – 2nd Oct
29th Sep – 6th Oct
3rd-10th Oct
7th-14th Oct
9th-16th Oct
13th-20th Oct
17th-24th Oct
19th-26th Oct
21st-28th Oct
23rd-30th Oct
31st Oct – 7th Nov
2nd-9th Nov
4th-11th Nov
6th-13th Nov
14th-21st Nov
16th-23rd Nov
18th-25th Nov
20th-27th Nov
28th Nov – 5th Dec
30th Nov – 7th Dec
2nd-9th Dec
4th-11th Dec
21st-29th Dec
21st-30th Dec
21st-31st Dec
21st Dec – 1st Jan
21st Dec – 2nd Jan
21st Dec – 3rd Jan
22nd-29th Dec
22nd-30th Dec
22nd-31st Dec
22nd Dec – 1st Jan
22nd Dec – 2nd Jan
22nd Dec – 4th Jan
23rd-29th Dec
23rd-30th Dec
23rd-31st Dec
23rd Dec – 1st Jan
23rd Dec – 2nd Jan
23rd Dec – 3rd Jan
23rd Dec – 4th Jan
23rd Dec – 5th Jan
24th-30th Dec
24th-31st Dec
24th Dec – 1st Jan
24th Dec – 2nd Jan
24th Dec – 4th Jan
24th Dec – 6th Jan
25th-31st Dec
25th Dec – 1st Jan
25th Dec – 2nd Jan
25th Dec – 3rd Jan
25th Dec – 4th Jan
25th Dec – 5th Jan
25th Dec – 6th Jan
25th Dec – 7th Jan
26th Dec – 1st Jan
26th Dec – 2nd Jan
26th Dec – 3rd Jan
26th Dec – 4th Jan
26th Dec – 5th Jan
26th Dec – 6th Jan
26th Dec – 7th Jan
26th Dec – 8th Jan
27th Dec – 2nd Jan
27th Dec – 4th Jan
27th Dec – 6th Jan
27th Dec – 8th Jan
27th Dec – 9th Jan
28th Dec – 3rd Jan
28th Dec – 4th Jan
28th Dec – 5th Jan
28th Dec – 6th Jan
28th Dec – 7th Jan
28th Dec – 8th Jan
28th Dec – 9th Jan
28th Dec – 10th Jan
29th Dec – 4th Jan
29th Dec – 5th Jan
29th Dec – 6th Jan
29th Dec – 7th Jan
29th Dec – 8th Jan
29th Dec – 9th Jan
29th Dec – 10th Jan
29th Dec – 11th Jan
30th Dec – 5th Jan
30th Dec – 6th Jan
30th Dec – 7th Jan
30th Dec – 8th Jan
30th Dec – 9th Jan
30th Dec – 10th Jan
30th Dec – 11th Jan
30th Dec – 12th Jan
11th-18th Jan
13th-20th Jan
15th-22nd Jan
19th-26th Jan
23rd-30th Jan
25th Jan – 1st Feb
27th Jan – 3rd Feb
29th Jan – 5th Feb
2nd-9th Feb
6th-13th Feb
8th-15th Feb
10th-17th Feb
12th-19th Feb
20th-27th Feb
22nd Feb – 1st Mar
24th Feb – 3rd Mar
26th Feb – 5th Mar
6th-13th Mar
8th-15th Mar
10th-17th Mar
12th-19th Mar
18th-25th Mar
20th-27th Mar
22nd-29th Mar
24th-31st Mar
26th Mar – 2nd Apr
1st-8th Apr
3rd-10th Apr
5th-12th Apr
7th-14th Apr
9th-16th Apr
17th-24th Apr
19th-26th Apr
21st-28th Apr
23rd-30th Apr
27th Apr – 4th May
1st-8th May
5th-12th May
7th-14th May
9th-16th May
11th-18th May
15th-22nd May
19th-26th May
23rd-30th May
27th May – 3rd Jun
29th May – 5th Jun
31st May – 7th Jun

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