Denver, Colorado to Havana, Cuba for only $265 roundtrip (Mar-Apr dates)

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Cheap flights from Denver, Colorado to Havana, Cuba for only $265 roundtrip with United Airlines.


Please note, the Trump administration announced tight new restrictions on American travel and trade with Cuba.
Check the U.S. Department of State website for the latest information – see here.


Denver, USA


Havana, Cuba


Denver, USA


Availability from March to April 2021

Example dates:
28th Mar – 6th Apr
28th Mar – 7th Apr
29th Mar – 6th Apr
29th Mar – 7th Apr

More dates are available between $275 and $295 roundtrip:
2nd-10th Apr
3rd-10th Apr
4th-10th Apr
4th-13th Apr
5th-13th Apr
5th-14th Apr
5th-15th Apr
6th-13th Apr
6th-14th Apr
6th-15th Apr
6th-16th Apr
7th-13th Apr
7th-14th Apr
7th-15th Apr
7th-16th Apr
11th-21st Apr

and more…


New York


United Airlines




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