Emirates cut flights to the US blaming Trump’s heightened security

Emirates cut flights to the US blaming Trump’s heightened security | Secret Flying

Emirates have decided to reduce their service to the US blaming Trump’s travel bans and electronic devices ban.


Emirates, one of the largest airlines in the world, is cutting the number of flights to the US in a strong sign that new security measures introduced by the Trump administration are affecting demand from Gulf-based carriers.


Since taking office in January, Trump has signed two executive orders banning citizens from several Muslim-majority countries from visiting the United States and frozen the nation’s refugee programme. Despite both orders being blocked by federal courts, Trump has vowed he will appeal the rulings.


The US also banned passengers from carrying electronic devices on direct flights to the US from eight Muslim-majority countries. Currently, the ban has no end date.


Emirates have decided to reduce the number of weekly services to the US from 126 to 101 from next month, affecting five of its 12 US routes.


An Emirates spokesperson said: “The recent actions taken by the US government relating to the issuance of entry visas, heightened security vetting and restrictions on electronic devices in aircraft cabins have had a direct impact on consumer interest and demand for air travel into the US.”


Analysts claim that there is a possible hidden agenda.


In February, the CEOs of Delta Air Lines, United Airlines and American Airlines wrote to Secretary of State Rex Tillerson expressing their objection to the unfair subsidisation of Gulf-based carriers and appealing to Trump’s “America First” mantra.


The letter said: “The Gulf carriers have received over $50 billion in documented subsidies from their government owners since 2004…If left unchecked we will continue to see the Gulf carriers expand in the U.S. market, causing further harm to hard working Americans.”


The 3 major US airlines appear to be getting their way.