Fuel Dumping Tool: Step-by-step Guide

Fuel Dumping Tool: Step-by-step Guide | Secret Flying

When we first released the Secret Flying Fuel Dumping Tool, we received many messages asking for more detailed instructions on how to use it.

This step-by-step guide will show you exactly what to do.




Please remember, not every flight is dumpable. Of the few that are dumpable, the vast majority will not work with a 3x strike. 1x strikes are a lot easier to find.
Also, not every flight route you search will have a result. Some routes are simply not combinable based on the airlines who fly them.
Please do not contact us asking for help in finding a working dump. This tool alone can achieve incredible results if used correctly.


Here is the step-by-step guide:


1. We must first decide on a flight to dump. In this example, the main flight we will attempt to dump will be a roundtrip flight from Boston to Beijing from 26th September to 3rd October 2016 (of course, use a different date if we have passed this date). Enter these flight details in the “Main Flight” section (see image below).




Before we continue, have a look on a couple of booking sites to see what the typical price for this route is on this particular day. Keep note of this number for later.

Also, ensure pop-ups are enabled on the Secret Flying Fuel Dumping Tool page.


2. If we already were aware of some working strikes, we could use the β€œSearch Pairs” option. This is because many valid strikes work on many different routes and airlines. The “Search Pairs” option is a great way to find new dumpable routes.


However, in this example, we’ll act as if we don’t know of any working strikes so we’ll have to start from scratch. We will need to search for strikes completely randomly using the β€œSearch every city combo” option. This option enables the tool to pair every city/airport code you enter in the box with one another.


3. So where will we get our list of random airport/city codes from? Well a great place is the ITA Matrix website. First we have to decide which random small region of the world we will search in. For this example, we will choose, let’s say….South-East Australia.


4. So head over to the ITA Matrix website and type, let’s say….β€œSydney” in the departing from box. Then click β€œNearby” and find airports within 300 miles. Click β€œSelect all”.




The reason we recommend finding airports within 300 miles is because, as we mentioned in the Fuel Dumping: the basics article, strikes should be very short in flight duration. If they are long and expensive, then it defeats the purpose of this whole practice.


5. Copy the airport codes from ITA Matrix and paste it in the Secret Flying Fuel Dumping Tool strike box (the commas are automatically removed). In this example search, we are going to try and find a 3x, so select the 3x option.




6. Because we are searching for a 3x strike, the date of the strike must come after the main flight. Automatically, the Secret Flying Fuel Dumping Tool adjusts the 3x strike date to 1 week after the main flight’s return.


7. Next, select which website to search your flights on from the drop-down list. In this example, we will keep Momondo USA.


8. Now this is where the Secret Flying Fuel Dumping Tool shows its value. Click the CALCULATE ROUTES button. The webpage will reload and create a list of all the route possibilities based on the South-East Australia airport codes we entered. In this example, there are 272 routes.




As you can see in the image above, each route consist of 3 legs: Boston – Beijing // Beijing – Boston // South-East Australian city – South-East Australian city.


9. Now let’s open them up so we can view the prices of each route and find out if any are significantly lower than the simple Boston to Beijing roundtrip price we asked you to look for at the beginning of the guide. If there are, it means a fuel dump has occurred.


10. Before you click the OPEN NEXT BATCH button, you can select how many routes to open in your web browser tabs for each batch. We recommend to use 5 to ensure your web browser does not crash. However, if you have a powerful computer, you can increase the number.


11. Now click the OPEN NEXT BATCH button to open the flight results. The tool will highlight the routes that have been opened in green. The unopened ones remain red.




12. Allow the webpages and flight searches to fully load. Now view the prices given on each tab. When you are ready to open the next batch, close all tabs first, then proceed.


13. Repeat steps 11 and 12 to work your way through the list.


14. When you hit a match, head over to the ITA Matrix and have a read of the fare rules of the main flight you have just dumped (particularly the COMBINABILITY section). This will help you better understand what constitutes a good candidate fare for future use.


Enjoy your new hobby.




Not every route on any day is dumpable. A small fraction actually are.
There will be times when you may have gone through hundreds, maybe even thousands of routes and still not found anything. This is normal.

The Secret Flying Fuel Dumping Tool does not find fuel dumps for you. It simply allows you to search through many different routes at a much quicker speed than doing it manually on a booking website.