Install your own ‘stained glass’ window on planes

On a wing and a prayer.


A new concept of installing your own ‘stained glass’ window on a plane from product designer Danielle Baskin seems perfectly suited to this period of refuge and reflection.


When the coronavirus was just beginning to spread globally, Baskin thought planes could be transformed into a place of prayer for passengers afraid of getting sick.


She designed a film that clings onto the plane’s window, so you can bring it rolled up in your carry-on and keep it fresh between uses with soap, water or disinfectant.


“Enjoy a dazzling stained glass window while you read a book, nap, or pray on your flight,” the product description says.


Additionally, the item “can be used as a protective film against germs on plane windows.”


The film comes in five window sizes: Airbus A330, A350, Boeing 707-767, 777X and 787. Prices start at $25.


It is not yet clear whether such inserts would be permitted by airlines.