Italian man caught using fake silicon arm for vaccine to get travel/health certificate

Italian man caught using fake silicon arm for vaccine to get travel/health certificate | Secret Flying

Man tries to dodge Covid jab using fake arm.


A 50-year-old Italian man tried to pass off a silicone arm as his own at a Covid-19 vaccination clinic, in an attempt toΒ secure a travel/health certificate without taking the jab.


The bizarre incident occurred in Biella, a town close to Turin in the northern Piedmont region.


Recounting the event, the nurse,Β Filippa Bua, told local media that when she had rolled up the man’s sleeve, she found the skin “rubbery and cold” and the pigment “too light”.


After being rumbled, the man attempted to persuade the nurse to turn a blind eye, but instead she reported him to the police for fraud.


“I first felt sorry for the man, thinking that he had a prosthesis and wondering if I had somehow forced him to give me the wrong arm,” Bua said.


“But then he admitted he was wearing the fake arm on purpose to avoid getting the vaccine!”


The man now possibly faces serious criminal charges.


“The case could be classified as ‘ridiculous,’ except that we are talking about a gesture of enormous gravity, unacceptable for the sacrifice that the whole community is paying for the pandemic,” a joint communiquΓ© from the Piedmont region’s President and health councillor reads.


The unnamed man was so determined to not be vaccinated, it is likely he paid hundreds of euros for the silicone prosthetic.


In a Facebook post, the regional governor, Alberto Cirio, said: “The incident would border on the ridiculous, were it not for the fact that we are talking about an extremely serious act.”


According to reports from the Ansa news agency, the man worked in the health sector and has been suspended from his job in light of his trickery.