Japan Airlines Honour $169 Taiwan to USA ERROR FARE

Japan Airlines Honour $169 Taiwan to USA ERROR FARE | Secret Flying

Our hugeΒ Japan Airlines Error Fare deal from Taiwan to the USA hasΒ been honoured.


2 weeks ago, we posted aΒ massiveΒ Error Fare deal from Taipei, Taiwan to countless US cities for only $169 USD return. What made this deal even more incredible, is that it worked over the summer and Christmas/New Year. The priceΒ mistake wasΒ caused by aΒ self-dumpΒ – a domesticΒ American Airlines flight dumped the international Japan Airlines’ fuel surcharge.


Many Secret Flying fans have informed us that they have already flown their flights. In addition, because this Error Fare deal booked into the flexible “Y” fare class, some have even been able to convince the airline to make a date or route change withoutΒ a reprice of the ticket. However, there is no guarantee this will work for everybody.


Those who were lucky enough to book this deal and have an upcoming flight can take comfort from this news.


Happy Flying.


If you missed out, don’t worry Secret Flying will be sure to post more amazing deals.

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