Japanese city asks tourists not to eat while walking

AΒ Japanese city isΒ politely asking tourists to sit when eating.


The Japanese city ofΒ Kamakura is asking tourists to not eat food while walking in crowded areas to prevent the staining of other people’s clothes.


The city, famous for its Great Buddha statue, has issued official ordinance describing eating while walking as a ‘public nuisance’.


Despite the many signs on display, there will be noΒ fines for anybody who flouts the request.


Concerns about eating and walking are not entirely related to stained clothes.


Some believe it is poor manners to walk or do other physical activities while eating because it means you’re not appreciating your food properly.


Kamakura is about 50 km (31 miles) southwest of Tokyo.


It’s home to some of the country’s best-known temples and beaches.