JetBlue flight attendant fired after claiming Jamaica held her hostage after testing positive

JetBlue flight attendant fired after claiming Jamaica held her hostage after testing positive | Secret Flying

Flight attendant fired for quarantine hostage claim.


A JetBlue flight attendant accused of falsely claiming to have been kidnapped in Jamaica after testing positive for Covid-19 has been fired by the airline.


In keeping with the country’s Covid-19 prevention protocols, Kalina Collier was placed in isolation after testing positive in the Caribbean island.


However,Β Collier went on a social media frenzy claiming she was being held hostage by “wicked people” at a hotel on Jamaica’s north coast.


In an Instagram Live video, Collier said she was never shown her test results and suspects she is being held hostage.


As Collier’s story circulated on social media platforms, #WhereIsKalina and #SaveKalinaCollier began trending on Twitter.


Her claims ignited death threats against Jamaican tourism officials and forced the US. Embassy in Jamaica to release a statement regarding her allegations.


Tourism Minister Edmund Bartlett said in a statement that Collier “was not abducted but being quarantined in her hotel for 14 days, which is in keeping with internationally accepted covid-19 protocols.”


“Miss Collier’s false allegations have gone viral across the globe and have convinced many persons that the Jamaican authorities and our tourism stakeholders have treated her unfairly,” he said.


“We have done everything in our power to ensure that her period of quarantine has been comfortable. Police visited the resort to verify that Collier was not being held under duress.”



As a result of Collier’s disproven claims, JetBlue fired the flight attendant and apologised to “the people of Jamaica and the Jamaican government for the concern and frustration this incident has caused.”


“We have full confidence in Jamaica’s health protocols and it is important everyone follows the rules,” a JetBlue spokesman said on Monday.


“We hold each JetBlue crewmember to the highest standards when it comes to personal integrity and we are conducting an urgent investigation into the actions of our crewmember.”


Collier flew out of Jamaica and is back in New York on Sunday following her 14-day quarantine.