Kenyan politician wants to end farting on planes

Kenyan politician wants to end farting on planes | Secret Flying

A KenyanΒ politician is on a mission to end mid-flight flatulence.


AΒ Kenyan politician has demanded a law to combat farting on planes arguing that it can cause ‘discomfort and insecurity on board flights.


Dr Lilian Achieng Gogo, a member of parliament for theΒ Rangwe constituency, made the comments whilst MPs wereΒ debating on a report by the Kenyan National Assembly Committee on Transport, Public Works and Housing.


Gogo argued that she too often fell victim to someone’s passed wind in plane cabins.


“There is one irritant that is often ignored and this is the level of farting within the aircraft,” she said.


“There are passengers who literally irritate fellow passengers by passing bad smell and uncomfortable fart (sic).


“If there is any one given irritant that makes people fight on board, it is the fart. It is terrible within the plane.”


When Gogo was challenged as to how to combat the problem, she suggested that cabin crew should receive special training.


“We need special training on aircraft crew so that they provide medicines like bicarbonate of soda after to passengers after meals and drinks have been served. We should also have paramedics, who are trained in basic first aid included in the international and local flights,” she said.


The request follows a bizarre row which broke out in Kenya’s Homa bay county assembly last month after a lawmaker was accused of farting in the chamber.


The MP in question denied the claims and the speaker ordered air fresheners to be brought to tackle the problem.