LOT Polish Airlines boss fired after fat-shaming British Airways cabin crew

LOT Polish Airlines boss fired after fat-shaming British Airways cabin crew | Secret Flying

A Polish airline boss has been sacked for branding British Airways flight attendants “fat” and “unkempt”.


A Lot Polish AirlinesΒ boss has been fired for secretly taking pics of British Airways cabin crew and shaming their appearance.


Katarzyna Richter, the cabin crew operations director at Lot Polish Airlines, took photographs of male and female flight attendants on her British Airways flight.


She then posted the images on her Facebook account and reportedly wrote: “Today, my attention was drawn to grooming and appearance of British Airways cabin crew members, unpolished shoes, holes in tights, too tight uniform, double chin, rotten and uneven teeth, messy hairstyle.”


The Polish native then asked her Facebook friends if they judged flight attendants by the way they looked.


Outraged British Airways staff hit back, criticising Richter for sharing images of flight attendants online without their permission.



Following backlash from the social media post, LOT Polish Airlines said it had sacked Ms Richter.


A LOT spokesman said: “We are truly sorry for this situation. The comments published by one of our employees on the private Facebook profile are contrary to the applicable standards and the value system adopted at LOT Polish Airlines.


“Such behavior is unacceptable and will not be tolerated by our company, therefore we decided to terminate the co-operation with Mrs. Richter with immediate effect.


“Furthermore, we ensure that this situation will never happen again by drawing even more attention to the notification of Social Media Policy and applicable procedures to our Employees.”