Man charged with sexual assault after allegedly groping sleeping mother

Man charged with sexual assault after allegedly groping sleeping mother | Secret Flying

Man charged with sexual misconduct for actions on American Airlines flight.


A man accused of grabbing a woman’s genitals whilst she was sleeping on an American Airlines flight, has been charged with sexual misconduct.


James Clayton Cholewinski-Boy was flying on flight AA807 from Charlotte, North Carolina to Utah when he was reported by a female passenger to flight attendants for touching her.


The woman, who was travelling with her daughter, claims Cholewinski-Boy groped her whilst she was sleeping.


When she woke up,Β Cholewinski-Boy allegedly threw up his hands and said “sorry.”


The plane wasΒ diverted to Tulsa, Oklahoma, where Cholewinski-Boy was arrested for public intoxication.


He has since beenΒ charged with criminal sexual misconduct.


In a statement, the US Attorney Trent Shores of the Northern District of Oklahoma said: “The public should know these allegations pertain to criminal sexual misconduct by Mr. Cholewinski-Boy against a female passenger, not a threat to the plane or air travel.”


“The FBI will investigate this matter moving forward.”


A statement released by American Airlines thanked the flight staff.


“We want to thank our crew, who once they became aware of this behavior, immediately separated the mother and her daughter on the flight.


“They subsequently requested law enforcement and diverted the aircraft to Tulsa. The quick actions of our crew ensured the safety and wellbeing of our customers on the flight.”