Man in paper Burger King crown shouting racial slurs creates chaos on JetBlue flight in Jamaica

Chaos as man uses racial slurs on flight from Jamaica.


Video posted online shows a man wearing a Burger King crown getting into a foul-mouthed tirade with other passengers on a JetBlue flight in Kingston, Jamaica.


The man can be heard using the N-word multiple times during the incident.


It’s unclear in the video how exactly the chaotic scenes started, however, reports suggest it was because of a seating misunderstanding.


The main claims he was kneed in the stomach by a female passenger before going on a racist rant.


In the shocking footage posted on numerous social media platforms, a crew member reminds the man that there are children on board and so not to use racial slurs.


He responds by saying: “I can say [N-word] all I want. Cause I can. Yes, I can.”


“Clearly, you have no f***ing authority,” he says to the flight attendant.Β “F**k you and your job, b***h.”


“Who’s next, motherf***ers?” he screams repeatedly.


The man claims “I am part West-African so I can say [N-word] anytime I want.”


β€œKick that [N-word] b***h off the plane,” he says about another passenger.


Eventually Jamaican police arrive at the plane and arrest the man. He reportedly will face no serious charges and is expected to leave Jamaica two days later.