MEGA POST: European Cites to many Asian Countries from only €315 roundtrip

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Fly from many European citiesΒ to many Asian cities fromΒ only €315 roundtrip withΒ Xiamen Airlines.


Because there are soΒ many route possibilities,Β we have provided example dates for Amsterdam departures.
Many of the example dates listed will work for the other departure cities.


Fly to:
Jakarta, Indonesia: €315
Xiamen, China: €317
Hong Kong: €318
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia: €321
Bangkok, Thailand: €325
Singapore: €327
Tokyo, Japan: €327


Amsterdam, Netherlands
Madrid/Barcelona, Spain
Prague, Czech Republic
Berlin/Hamburg, Germany
Zurich, Switzerland


Jakarta, Indonesia
Xiamen, China
Hong Kong
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Bangkok, Thailand
Tokyo, Japan


(same as DEPART)


Availability fromΒ April to June 2016 (SeptemberΒ to December dates a little more expensive)

Example dates:


Amsterdam – Jakarta: €315
27th Apr – 10th May
11th-24th May
21st May – 3rd Jun
23rd May – 5th Jun


Amsterdam – Xiamen: €317
18th-31st May


Amsterdam – Hong Kong: €318
4th-10th May
21st-27th May
8th-14th Jun


Amsterdam – Kuala Lumpur: €321
9th-24th May
11th-24th May
18th-31st May
23rd May – 5th Jun
30th May – 7th Jun
30th May – 14th Jun


Amsterdam – Bangkok: €325
4th-10th May
18th-31st May
21st May – 3rd Jun
23rd May – 7th Jun
30th May – 14th Jun


Amsterdam – Singapore: €327
2nd-10th May
11th-24th May
14th-24th May
18th-24th May
23rd-31st May
1st-14th Jun


Amsterdam – Tokyo: €327
2nd-10th May
16th-24th May
18th-31st May
23rd-31st May
1st-7th Jun
6th-14th Jun

andΒ more…




Xiamen Airlines




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