New website predicts turbulence on your next flight

Get a turbulence prediction for your next flight.


A new website boasts it can provide travellers with accurate turbulence predictions based on forecasts from the US National Weather Service – the same service pilots use for flight planning.


Based on the flight path and wind conditions, Turbli can predict the turbulence of any flight in the world up to 36 hours prior to departure.


Users are only required to enter their origin and destination airports followed by selecting their specific flight, and the algorithm does the rest.



The website also predicts how smooth your flight’s takeoff and landing will be, based on the runways that will be used and anticipated crosswinds.


The Turbli website says the company’s goal “is to provide flight travellers with the most accurate turbulence forecast”.


β€œTurbli is a tool for the curious traveller, the ones who fear flying, the people trying to concentrate on work through the flight, the parents hoping to walk their babies along the aisle, and many more.”