Palm Beach Int’l Airport evacuated after Frontier Airlines passenger ‘makes bomb threat’

Palm Beach Int’l Airport evacuated after Frontier Airlines passenger ‘makes bomb threat’ | Secret Flying

Bomb threat prompts evacuation at Palm Beach International.


Palm Beach International Airport was partly evacuated on Tuesday after a Frontier Airlines passenger allegedly made a bomb threat while boarding the aircraft.


According to reports, the man made theΒ comment about having a bomb in his luggage after boarding the plane, prompting Frontier staff to alert authorities.


Travellers in the airport’s Concourse C area were subsequently evacuated to the terminal as a precautionary measure, while the passenger was detained and the plane was searched for any suspicious packages.


Trained bomb squad sniffer dogs and Palm Beach Country Sheriff bomb detectives carried out the search.


The man was arrested, with the FBI expected to follow up with potential charges on the detained passenger.


A spokesperson for the Palm Beach County Sheriff’s Office told NBC affiliate WPTV that a man aboard the flight made an utterance about an explosive.


However, witnesses onboard the aircraft claim they did not hear a bomb threat from the passenger.


“There was a man on the flight who came on and said that he had cocaine in his bag and that’s why it was so heavy and he just talked and talked and talked,” a passenger on the plane told WPTV’s Kamrel Eppinger.


“He seemed innocuous, but who knows? I did not hear anything about a bomb threat.”


Others reported hearing several different stories about why they were evacuated, from a fuel leak to verbal threats.


Due to the evacuation, seven flights were delayed at the airport, including the Frontier flight and another one by the airline scheduled to depart to Denver.