Plans to create air bridge between London and New York underway

Plans afoot for air bridge from London to New York City.


An air bridge between London and New York enabling travellers to sidestep quarantine is being discussed by British and US government officials.


According to reports, British ministers are looking at allowing travellers to come to the UK from “low-risk” cities such as New York, while residents from “high-risk” parts of the US would remain banned.


The United States would return the gesture by allowing Londoners to fly to New York.


“One of the key steps to recovery is setting up an international pilot program between the U.S. and either Europe, Canada, somewhere in the Pacific,” said Sharon Pinkerton, senior vice president at Airlines for America, which represents American Airlines, Delta Air Lines, United Airlines and others.


The New York to London route is the most lucrative international route in the world, connecting the two biggest financial hubs.


All ten of New York’s regions are entering the final phase of the reopening process.


New York, which introduced tough lockdown restrictions, brought its seven-day infection rate down to just 7.2 cases per 100,000 – far below England’s 11.3


Currently, Americans can travel to the UK but have been required since spring to spend two weeks in quarantine upon arrival.


UK nationals still cannot enter the US.