Plus sized influencer accuses airlines of discrimination for not having wider aisles

Plus sized influencer accuses airlines of discrimination for not having wider aisles | Secret Flying

“I’m too big to fit down the aisle of planes – it’s discrimination.”


A plus size model who posts under “Big Curvy Olivia” on TikTok has accused United Airlines of discriminating against her and other passengers of size after she filmed herselfΒ struggling to squeeze down the airplane aisle on a recent flight due to her size.


In the now deleted TikTok video, Big Curly Olivia becomes stuck as she tries to walk down the aisle. The woman then had to twist sideways and force herself along the aisle, banging into seats as she makes her way into the cabin.


The video’s captions says: “Honestly it’s discrimination that they can’t build wider aisles in airplanes 2023.”


While some TikTokers agreed with her when that airlines should redesign plane aisles, others took it as an opportunity to fat-shame her. A user named @sophieaquario even stated that while she supported body positivity, what Olivia said was “just entitlement.”


“Maybe switch to UPS Ground or Freight,” another person wrote. “Google Airbus Beluga,” a third commented.


Widening the aisles is unlikely to be in the best interest of the airlines, as they can fit more seats per row with less aisle space.


“Wider aisles mean less seats. And they would be cutting into profits to accommodate the super sized. That wouldn’t make sense,” one user commented.


Earlier this year, another plus-sized influencer started a campaign to force airlines to provide larger passengers with two seats for no additional fee. Jae’lynn Chaney said people of size should be given two or even three seats for the price of one if they are too large to fit in a single seat.


β€œWe are not asking for special treatment or luxury accommodations,” Chaney said. β€œWe simply want enough space to travel comfortably, without being discriminated against because of our size.”