Police Probe After Drone Hits British Airways PLANE

Police Probe After Drone Hits British Airways PLANE | Secret Flying

Police have launched an investigation after a British Airways plane approaching Heathrow AirportΒ was hitΒ by a drone.


On Sunday afternoon, flight BA727 from Geneva, Switzerland withΒ 132 passengers and five crew on board, was struck by an object,Β as it approached London Heathrow Airport.Β After landing safely, the pilot reported that the suspectedΒ drone, had struck the front of the Airbus A320.


Scotland Yard saidΒ police based at the airportΒ have launched an investigation, althoughΒ no arrests have yet been made.Β The Air Accidents Investigation Branch, who investigate air accidents in the United Kingdom, confirmed it has also begun a separate probe.


A British Airways spokesman said: “Our aircraft landed safely, was fully examined by our engineers and it was cleared to operate its next flight.”Β The airline will give the police “every assistance with their investigation”, the spokesman added.


This strikeΒ is the most serious in a string of incidents involving drones in UK airspace, with several near misses reported in the last year. However, this is a major problem around the word, as advanced drones become more affordable.

The British Airline Pilots Association tweetedΒ “Was only a matter of time given the huge numbers being flown by amateurs who don’t understand the risks & the rules.”