PROMO: Free flights if you are called Valentine or Valentina

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To celebrate Valentine’s Day, Wow Air are offering free flights for passengers calledΒ Valentine or Valentina.


Terms and conditions:

– In the booking there must be at least two passengers.
– For each booking which is eligible for the Valentines Refund, there will only be processed a refund for one passenger.
– The refund will not consist of anything more than the air fare ticket, airport taxes, one hand luggage and one check-in luggage. All other services purchased on the WOW air website will not be included in the refund.
– The booking must be made on WOW air flights. Under no circumstances will WOW air issue a refund for flights with other air carriers. All bookings must be made directly through a WOW air website (this excludes bookings made VIA a travel agency or other comparable services). Furthermore, the booking must include an outbound and return flight. Therefore, one way trips cannot lead to a refund.
One of the passengers in the booking must be named Valentine or Valentina. The name in the booking must be spelled exactly the same as the names on the list. Note that the list is exhaustive of all names that can lead to a refund of a booking. The first name or surname in your passport must match one of the names on the list. Middle names are not eligible.
– The booking must be made and paid for in the period between January 24, 2019 and February 14, 2019.
– The flight dates, outbound and return flight, must be in the period between February 10, 2019 and February 19, 2019.
– The travellers must send the booking confirmation and picture of the passenger’s passport that is named appropriately according to the previous terms. A passport is the only personal identification document that will be taken into consideration when verifying the name of a passenger.
– All refund requests must be sent to the email [email protected].


New York/Boston/Detroit/Baltimore, USA
Toronto/Montreal, Canada
Dublin, Ireland
Copenhagen, Denmark
London, UK
Frankfurt/Berlin, Germany
Brussels, Belgium
Paris, France
Amsterdam, Netherlands


Reykjavik, Iceland
New York, USA


(same as DEPART)


Availability inΒ February 2019


The WOW Air website conveniently allows you to view prices for each week with a single click so there isΒ no need for a list of example dates from us.




WOW air




Booking currency varies depending on departure country: