PROMO: Qatar Airways 20th Anniversary Business Class sale

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Qatar Airways are running a 2 for 1 promotion on many Business Class flights. For example, fly from Bucharest, Romania to Colombo, Sri Lanka for only €857 roundtrip (see image below).


Bucharest – Colombo: €857
Sofia – Shanghai: €907
Helsinki – Bangkok: €1090
Munich – Windhoek: €1250
Stockholm – Sydney: €1427
Stockholm – Auckland: €1451
Oslo – Auckland: €1480
and more…


Please note, to get the advertised prices you must book for a minimum of 2 passengers.


Bucharest, Romania
Sofia, Bulgaria
Helsinki, Finland
Munich, Germany
Stockholm, Sweden
Oslo, Norway


Colombo, Sri Lanka
Shanghai, China
Bangkok, Thailand
Windhoek, Namibia
Sydney, Australia
Auckland, New Zealand


(same as DEPART)


Availability fromΒ February to May 2018


The Qatar AirwaysΒ website conveniently allows you to view prices in a 15-day calendarΒ so there is no need for a list of example dates from us.
However, do NOT purchase on the Qatar Airways website. Simply find the cheap dates, then purchase on the Momondo GO TO DEAL button below.
Momondo OTAs price these flights cheaper.




Qatar Airways




Allow the search to complete, then click an OTA to view the advertised price:
Use Google Chrome to translate the booking site if needed.
Booking currency varies depending on departure country:


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