Russian airline apologises after flight attendant drops 5-month-old baby down the stairs


Pobeda Airlines has apologised after one of its flight attendants dropped a baby down the steps of the aircraft.


Pobeda Airlines, a low-cost Russian airline, has apologised after a 5-month-old baby girl reportedly suffered ‘serious head injuries’ when a flight attendant dropped her.


The baby fell from her portable cradle as she was carried down the steps of a plane in Surgut, Russia.


As the 5-month-old fell, she hit her head on the steps of the aircraft.


Paramedics arrived on the scene and took her to the hospital, where she was treated for concussion and a broken nose.


In a statement, the airline apologised for the incident.


“We are very sorry. The accident truly did happen,” a spokesperson said.


“A very careful investigation is being conducted now, and we will inform about the details later. The air carrier will fully compensate all the expenses associated with the treatment of the child.”