Sardinia cracks down on tourists stealing sand with hefty fines


Sardinia is cracking down on tourists who try to take sand home as a souvenir with fines as high as €3,000.


Tourists are being fined large sums for taking sand from a beach in Sardinia as a souvenir.


Sardinian politicians and environmentalists have condemned the practise of “stealing sand” and are issuing fines of up to €3,000.


In the latest incident, a 40-year-old UK resident, originally from Naples, was fined €1,000 this week after being found with just one plastic bottle of sand.


The German embassy in Rome told its citizens not to steal Sardinian sand.


“Sardinia has some of the most beautiful beaches in Italy, but taking sand, pebbles and shells constitutes a serious environmental problem. It is forbidden by law. You can be fined from €500 to €3,000. Leave the sand where it should be,” the embassy wrote on Facebook.


Customs officials at Sardinia’s two airports intercepted approximately five tons of sand in luggage last year.