Shock as Indian airline simply tapes up a cracked window

A cracked window on a Spicejet plane was taped up and allowed to fly.


The internet has reacted with shock as a Spicejet plane was allowed to fly with a cracked window.


A passenger travelling on the Mumbai to Delhi flight shared an image on Twitter showing the cracked window with adhesive tape put over it.


Hariharan Sankaran captioned his tweet: “Spicejet flight SG8152 (VT-SYG) Mumbai to Delhi flying (5 Nov 2019) with a broken window stuck with cello tape. Isn’t it a major safety concern? Anyone [email protected] @DGCAIndia”



Spicejet responded to Sankaran, saying: “Safety is our utmost concern and at no point in time does the airline compromise on the same. We shall surely convey this to the concerned head for necessary action. The inconvenience caused is regretted.”


In the event of a window breaking in mid-flight, the compressed air inside the plane rushes out and cabin pressure drops.


Anybody sitting close to the broken window, could be sucked out of the plane.