Spirit passenger thrown off flight for vomiting in woman’s hair

A ‘drunk’ male passenger threw up in another traveller’s hairΒ before take-off.


A Spirit Airlines flight scheduled fromΒ Chicago to Baltimore was delayed after a ‘drunk’ passenger threw up on a woman.


In a video posted to social media, theΒ woman can be seen standing at the front of the aircraft while a flight attendant wearing rubber gloves helps to clean the sick out of her hair.



The man responsible was kicked off the flight.


All passengers eventually had to disembark toΒ allow the aircraft to be cleaned.


The woman and man were not travelling together.


Twitter user Cassidy Smith, who shared the videos, said the woman had handled the incident “like an absolute champ.”


Incredibly, the flight was delayed a second time after two more drunk passengers locked themselves in the bathroom andΒ flooded the back of the plane.