Spirit reportedly offered $50 flight voucher to be used by April 23 to passenger who was vomited on

‘This $50 does not cover the price of my socks’ the passenger claimed.


Spirit Airlines reportedly offered a $50 voucher to a passenger with an expiry date of April 23 after he was thrown up on on a flight.


William Collard was flying from Seattle to Phoenix a few weeks ago when the COVID-19 panic was starting to grip the nation.


As the plane made its way to the runway, an 18-year-old passenger sat in front of Collard vomited on him.


He claims his shoes, socks and pants were hit by the sick.


The captain returned the aircraft to the gate where a medical team wearing Hazmat suits boarded the plane and started to administer oxygen to the sick passenger.


When Collard reached out to the airline for some form of compensation, he was given a $50 flight voucher to be used by April 23.


According to Collard, the email the airline sent him said: “Regrettably no additional compensation can be issued as we’ve already far exceeded what is normally granted.”


Although he acknowledges the incident is not Spirit’s fault, he criticised the airline’s response.


“I would never use Spirit again, I can assure you,” Collard told DailyMail.com in an exclusive interview.


“This $50 does not cover the price of my socks, much less my shoes and pants.


“They’re the Greyhound of the skies.”