Storm Ciara helps smash record for fastest flight from New York to London

A BA flight has broken the record for the fastest subsonic flight between New York and London.


Thanks to Storm Ciara, a British Airways plane is thought to have made the fastest subsonic flight from New York to London.


The Boeing 747-436 reached a top speed of 825 mphΒ over the North Atlantic, completing the journey in record time.


The flight left JFK at 6:47 p.m. on Saturday and arrived at Heathrow Airport at 4:43 a.m. on Sunday, a flight time of four hours and 56 minutes,Β almost two hours earlier than scheduled.


Flightradar24 announced the news of the record-breaking flight on its Twitter account, tweeting: “If we’re not mistaken, BA now retakes the fastest subsonic NY-London crossing from Norwegian.”


According to reports, the strongest part of the jet stream created tail winds of more than 200 mph.



In a statement, a British Airways spokesperson said: “We always prioritise safety over speed records.


“Our highly-trained pilots made the most of the conditions to get customers back to London well ahead of time.”


Two Virgin Atlantic flights on the same night, also from JFK to Heathrow, made it in five hours or less.


According to experts, the speed of sound is about 767 mph, however, because the flights had the help of strong tail winds, they are not considered supersonic like the retired Concorde.


The fastest transatlantic crossing was when BA Concorde flew from New York to London in two hours 52 minutes in 1996 – hitting a top speed of 1,350 mph.