Taiwan’s China Airlines looking to change its name

Taiwan’s China Airlines looking to change its name | Secret Flying

Taiwan is open to renaming its national carrier China Airlines.


Taiwan’s China Airlines has announced that it is considering changing its name in the wake of the Covid-19 pandemic.


Taiwan’s Minister for Transportation and Communications, Lin Chia-lung, saidΒ his ministry has an “open mind” to changing the carrier’s name, but notes that “because [the carrier] is a listed company, [we] need to respect the shareholders’ and public’s opinions”.


New names that have been proposed in the past are “Formosa Airlines” and the obvious “Taiwan Airlines.”


Earlier today, Premier Su Tseng-chang said he supports changing the name to make clear that the airline represents Taiwan.


Taiwanese media have reported that because medical supplies are arriving on China Airlines aircraft,Β it has lead to confusion among the public as to whether these donations came from the People’s Republic of China or Taiwan.


Talk of an airline name change has come at a time where relations between China and Taiwan have soured due to the World Health Organization’s (WHO) handling of the coronavirus pandemic.


Taiwan, which China claims for itself, is excluded from the WHO because of China’s objections to its membership.


Taipei has said this has resulted in it being unable to get timely information, putting Taiwanese lives at risk.


China has accused Taiwan of “venomously” attacking the WHO, taking advantage of the current coronavirus crisis to seek independence.