Thai Airways opens restaurant with economy class seating and plane food

Pop-up restaurant aimed at those who miss flying.


Thai Airways has opened up a plane-themed restaurant for customers who miss sitting in an economy class seat eating plane food.


The newΒ pop-up restaurant also has waiters dressed as flight attendants and furniture from aircraft engines, windows and fan blades.


The restaurant, which serves about 2,000 meals per day, is an attempt by Thai Airways toΒ recoup lost revenue during the coronavirus pandemic.


The carrierΒ grounded most of its planes due to the coronavirus crisis for months, filing for bankruptcy protection in May.


Speaking on the restaurant, one diner said he liked the idea of a plane meal without having to buy a flight ticket.


“I like the in-flight meals on Thai Airways, but we only get to have it when we fly,” said Kanta. “Today we get to have it here, that’s good because we want to eat,” he said.


The restaurant is located at Thai Airways International Pcl’s offices in Bangkok, Thailand.


More information can be found here.