Thailand bans eating & drinking on domestic flights to stop Covid spread

No food and drink on Thailand flights.


Thailand has informed its airlines that passengers can no longer eat and drink on domestic flights in a bid to stop the spread of the coroanvirus.


The Civil Aviation Authority of Thailand (CAAT) has decided to clamp down as cases rise in the country.


Thailand recorded two new deaths from Covid-19 on the weekend, taking the total number of infections to 8,439 and the number of deaths to 65.


“Cleaning time after each stop of domestic flight is extremely short, since operators tend to do the quickest turnaround as possible and I think it is unlikely operators would be able to thoroughly clean all of these items,”Β Chula Sukmanop, Director General to CAAT, said to CNN.


“Therefore, having non-essential reading materials on-board would create more risk of virus exposure.”


The consumption of any food or drink is banned under the new rules, even if passengers bring the refreshments onboard themselves.


The new rule is not expected to be hugely inconvenient as the longest domestic flight in Thailand is only around two hours.


Several US carriers, including Delta, American and JetBlue, have banned the serving of alcohol, however, they have stopped short of prohibiting food and drink altogether.