TRAIN & PLANE: Brussels, Belgium to Chennai, India for only €297 roundtrip (Paris exit possible)

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Take a train and a flight from Brussels. Belgium to Chennai, India forΒ only €297 roundtrip.


This itinerary consists of catching a train between Brussels and Paris in both directions.
This is the perfect opportunity to end your trip in Paris, should you choose to do so, as you are required to collect your bags when you land before transferring to the Paris train station.
Of course, never inform the airline that you do not plan on getting the last train.


Brussels,Β Belgium (Brussels-South railway station)


Chennai, India


Brussels, BelgiumΒ (Brussels-South railway station)
Paris, France
(by exiting early)


Availability fromΒ September 2016 to MarchΒ 2017Β (excluding Xmas/New Year)

Example dates:
10th-20th Sep
14th-24th Sep
18th-28th Sep
22nd Sep – 2nd Oct
26th Sep – 6th Oct
30th Sep – 10th Oct
13th-23rd Nov
17th-27th Nov
27th Nov – 7th Dec
5th-15th Dec
18th-28th Jan
26th Jan – 5th Feb
30th Jan – 9th Feb
7th-17th Feb
9th-19th Feb
17th-27th Feb
27th Feb – 9th Mar
3rd-13th Mar
9th-19th Mar
13th-23rd Mar

and more…




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