‘Traumatised’ family claim Turkish Airlines removed them from flight because daughter has nut allergy

‘Traumatised’ family claim Turkish Airlines removed them from flight because daughter has nut allergy | Secret Flying

Family says Turkish Airlines cared more about first class passengers than their daughter.


A family is claiming Turkish Airlines removed them from a flight because of their six-year-old daughter’s peanut allergy.


Weeks before Eren Dervish, along with his wife and two children, wereΒ scheduled to travel to Cyprus with BA and Turkish Airlines, he called the airlines to inform them of his daughter’s peanut allergy.


“My six-year-old daughter has a peanut allergy, so I tend to call in advance and tell the airline,” Dervish tells The Independent.


“I called BA and Turkish Airlines the week before the holiday – so two weeks before our Turkish flight. BA said, β€˜no worries, you can just tell staff at check-in and we will make the announcement and not serve nuts’. Turkish said it was registered against our booking and staff would be informed.”


Nuts were banned for the British Airways flight, however, the family say Turkish Airlines failed to make any restrictions.


“I got to the airport to check in and mentioned it as always – but the crew member couldn’t seem to understand what I’d said,” Dervish said.


“Once we got on the plane, our crew member started asking some strange questions – like, ‘How far away can someone be, eating peanuts?'”


“I said, ‘It’s an aeroplane, it’s airtight. Can you just not serve peanuts?’ They said, ‘Oh well, the captain and senior staff want to continue to serve peanuts.'”


Dervish says he offered to go and talk to the first class passengers himself to explain the situation and request they refrained from eating nuts, but was refused to do so by the flight attendant.


“A man from airline operations then boarded, took me off the plane to stand on the steps.


“He said, ‘If you want to fly on this plane you have to sign this piece of paper that you take all responsibility if anything happens to your daughter.'”


Dervish refused to sign the waiver and was reportedly booted from the plane along with his family.


“Eventually they said your luggage is on the runway, you need to leave the plane,” Dervish recounts.


“Staff weren’t aggressive, but they were trying to convince me we were in the wrong. At this point my wife and kids are crying, they’re traumatised.”


When he got to the Turkish Airlines desk in the terminal, he was shocked to find that the airline would not offer them any assistance with continuing their journey.


“The customer service guy said, ‘No – because you were ejected from the plane, you need to fill in paperwork, go away for two days and then we’ll review it’. I thought they’d have us on the next flight to Istanbul so we could get home.”


The family made their own way home to London after the airline refused to assist them.


“We’re talking more than Β£2,500 for all extra costs – not to mention the Β£700 for the flight I was kicked off,” Dervish says.


“On Sunday we got an email saying, ‘We couldn’t find anything about the allergy against the reservation, but we take allergies really seriously’.


“I definitely let them know two weeks before – I’ve got a call log entry proving I phoned.


“What bothers me is the moral stance of: ‘We’re going to kick the crying six-year-old off so we can serve peanuts in first class’.”