Trump administration imposes heavy new restrictions on travel to Cuba

The US government has banned cruises and educational trips to Cuba in clampdown on travel.


The Trump administration has imposed heavy new restrictions on travel to Cuba by US citizens.


Beginning on Wednesday, the US will not allow cruise ships to stop in Cuba.


The US government has also banned educational and cultural travel known as “people to people” trips.


The nearly two-decade-old educational program had become the most popular way for Americans to legally visit Cuba.


Travellers who have already booked their trips before June 5 will be allowed to continue with their plans.


The tightening of the decades-old US embargo will hurt both the Caribbean island’s economy as well as US travel companies that had built up business with Cuba during the Obama presidency.


In 2014, the Obama administration re-established diplomatic relations with Cuba and loosened many travel restrictions.


On the campaign trail, Donald Trump slammed the move, pledging to undo the measures.


Political analysts say this latest bid to pressure Cuba is over its support for Venezuela president Nicolas Maduro.