Trump administration publishes new Cuba travel restrictions


The Trump administration is imposing travel and commerce restrictions on Cuba that will make it harder for Americans to visit the country.


The US administration has published a series of measures increasing limits on US citizens’ dealings with Cuba, making true on Trump’s word to rollback Obama’s diplomatic opening with the island nation.


The White House said the restrictions are aimed at preventing the military, intelligence and security arms of Cuba‘s Communist government from benefiting from American tourists and trade.


Under the new rules, most individual visits to Cuba will no longer be permitted.


US citizens will now have to travel as part of groups licensed by the Treasury Department for specific purposes.


Restrictions have also been placed on people-to-people exchanges – a travel category under which Americans can stay with families on the island.


Officials have denied that any of these steps are related to the recent suspected sonic attacks against US embassy staff in Havana.


The Treasury Department is exempting trips booked before Trump announced his Cuba policy on 16th June 2017.