United Airlines flight diverted after ‘bomb message’ found on board


A United Airlines flight travelling from Rome to Chicago was diverted to Ireland due to a “potential security concern” on Monday.


A United Airlines flight from Rome to Chicago was diverted to Shannon, Ireland, after a “bomb message” was discovered on board.


The Boeing 767-300 flew a pattern over the ocean to dump fuel to reduce its weight before commencing an approach to Shannon Airport.


Reports suggest the threat was scribbled on a surface inside one of the plane’s bathrooms.


Passengers were forced off the plane in Shannon and had to offer samples of their handwriting to the police.


All 207 passengers and 11 crew members along with their luggage underwent more security screening after disembarking.


A United Airlines spokesperson said: “United flight UA971 en route to Chicago from Rome, diverted to Shannon following a potential security concern. Additional security screenings will be performed on all customers and baggage, and we will work to get customers on their way to Chicago as quickly as possible.”


Passengers had been sent to local hotels for the night. The aircraft is scheduled to depart on Tuesday at 3pm.