United Airlines optimises airflow and filtration during boarding and deplaning

United to maximise airflow during boarding and deplaning.


As part of ongoing efforts to further help reduce the spread of Covid-19, United Airlines announced it will maximise air flow volume for all high-efficiency particular rate (HEPA) filtration systems during the boarding and deplaning process.


HEPA systemsΒ recycle air every to 2 to 3 minutes and can remove 99.97% of particles, including viruses and bacteria.


United’s new strategy of running the systems at maximum capacity before passengers board and until they deplane, adds an extra layer of protection in the fight against Covid-19.


This can make the aircraft’s air significantly cleaner than restaurants, grocery stores, schools or even some hospitals.


“We know the environment on an aircraft is safe and because the air flow is designed to minimize the transmission of disease, the earlier we maximize air flow over our HEPA filtration system, the better for our crew and our customers,” United Chief Executive Scott Kirby said in a statement.


“The quality of the air, combined with a strict mask policy and regularly disinfected surfaces, are the building blocks towards preventing the spread of Covid-19 on an airplane.”


The carrier is preparing all mainline aircraft to implement the new procedure starting on July 27.