US airlines prepare to resume flights to China in June

US carriers are aiming for a strong return to China in June.


With US-based airlines actively reintroducing many routes to Europe, they are also eyeing a return to mainland China from next month.


United Airlines will reportedly relaunch four flights to three cities – Beijing, Chengdu, and Shanghai.


“We will also pencil in four China routes in the June schedule,” United Airlines said in an employee memo. “We continue to workout the feasibility of restarting passenger service to China.”


The airline did not specify, however, how many times a week it would fly these routes.


Delta have said that pending Chinese government approval, it plans to resume operations from Detroit and Seattle to Shanghai starting within a few weeks.


China currently has the so-called “Five One” rule implemented for international passenger flights, which limits one airline to serving one country from one Chinese city to one foreign city with no more than one flight a week.


Despite restrictions imposed by governments, things are starting to look better for the aviation industry after the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) screened 250,467 travellers on Friday, the first time the number has surpassed 250,000 since March 24.


Share prices for US-based carriers surged on Monday with United Airlines and Spirit Airlines gaining over 20% in one day.