Venice canals almost dry only two months after historic flooding

Low tides have left canals in Venice, Italy almost dry.


Only weeks after Venice suffered its worst floods in more than 50 years, its canals have dried up because of low tide.


In November. the city was under several feet of water, as historic floods left tourists stuck at the famed St. Mark’s Square.


Many shops were forced to close and precious artworks were moved to protect them from being destroyed.


Hotel bookings in the city dropped by 40% following the flooding, the worst since 1966.


The Mayor, Luigi Brugnaro, estimated the damage at €1 billion.


However, only two months later, Venice’s canals been left almost completely dry due to exceptionally low tides.



Photos shared on social media show gondolas and boats almost beached at the bottom of canals.


Experts warn that Venice is “highly vulnerable to the negative impacts of climate change.”