VIDEO: American Airlines passengers fight over who gets off plane first

Fight to leave plane first.


A fist fight broke out between two American Airlines passengers over who would get off the plane first in Phoenix.


Flight AA2278 from Los Angeles arrived on time atΒ Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport before passenger scrambled to get off the plane.


According to reports, two women in particular began physically fighting over who would deplane first.


In a video posted on Twitter by a passenger namedΒ Kate, people can be heard shouting and screaming,Β while an announcement over the tannoy repeats: “Call for law enforcement, call for law enforcement”.


“Almost missed my connecting flight with @AmericanAir in Phoenix because two girls decided to fist fight over who was getting off the plane first. I can’t,” Kate tweeted.


An American Airlines spokesperson told The Independent: “American received a report of an alleged altercation between two customers while waiting to deplane from flight 2278 from Los Angeles (LAX) to Phoenix (PHX).”