VIDEO: Crazy scene as catering cart loses control at Chicago O’Hare

A catering cart causedΒ chaos at Chicago O’Hare International Airport as it went into an uncontrollableΒ spin.


An American Airlines catering cart lost control on the tarmac almost hitting a $15 million Embraer 145 regional aircraft.


A video shared on social media shows the operator of the cart get thrown to the ground as the vehicle begins spinning.


As it moves around in circles,Β eight airport ramp workers watch on helplessly.


The cart moves closer and closer to hitting the $15 million plane.


Eventually, one worker crashes another vehicle into the catering cart which then falls on its side bringing the drama to an end.


According to reports, a case of water fell on the gas pedal, causing the truck to spin.


“We appreciate the quick action of our team member who stopped the vehicle,” American Airlines said in the statement.


“Safety is our top priority and we are working with our partners to investigate the incident.”