VIDEO: Delta flight attendant threatens to kick singing passenger off plane

VIDEO: Delta flight attendant threatens to kick singing passenger off plane | Secret Flying

Grammy nominated singer asked by Delta flight attendant to stop singing.


A Grammy-nominated singer came close to being kicked off a Delta flight after continuously ignoring a member of the cabin crew who asked her to stop singing.


An Instagram video shows Bobbi Storm, a Detroit-born gospel singer, attempting to serenade fellow passengers with her new single. The footage begins with Ms Storm out of her seat and speaking to the attendant. She says she is “charting right now, on the billboards,” before being asked to return to her seat.


Storm then says that she has just found out that she’s “up for two Grammys” and wants to share her new single, named ‘We Can’t Forget Him’, with everyone on the flight.


She features on The Maverick Way, an album by Christian group Maverick City Music, who, according to reports, have been nominated in the Best Gospel Album category.


Later in the video, the attendant asks: “Are you able to be quiet? I’m not enjoying it. I’m asking you, can you please be quiet?”


Storm asks if she is “gonna go to jail” if she doesn’t, later adding that she is “doing what the Lord is telling me to do”.


The attendant, who is quickly losing his patience, retorts by saying: “I’m your flight leader, I need you to follow my instruction. My instructions are for you to answer my question. Are you able to be quiet right now?”


Storm turns to the other passengers and asks them what they think, but she receives no replies and a few uneasy looks.


Finally, the attendant tells her: “If you’re not able to follow my instruction, you will not be taking this flight.”


“If that’s the case, then that’s fine,” says Storm. “If you’re the person in charge of it all, then that’s fine.”


Once the attendant leaves, she turns around to say that she will “sing it on a low for y’all in the back, if that’s OK,” and then breaks into song.


Many of the comments below her video were derisive, with users calling the singer “embarrassing and egotistical” and accusing her of lacking “basic etiquette”.


In a further video, Storm says that Delta reached out to her and apologised, adding that she hopes the attendant “is able to learn a valuable lesson on how to treat other people”.


In a statement a Delta spokesperson said: “Delta has been in contact with the customer. For the safety of our customers and crew, it’s always important to follow crew instructions.”



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