VIDEO: Fight breaks out on Frontier Airlines plane after man ‘took too long’ to retrieve luggage

VIDEO: Fight breaks out on Frontier Airlines plane after man ‘took too long’ to retrieve luggage | Secret Flying

Fight on plane sparked by luggage and racism.


Shocking video taken on a Frontier aircraft at Miami International Airport shows a brawl break out between passengers over luggage that a witness says turned racial.


In a video posted on social media, two men can be seen brawling in the near-empty plane, as their female companions also fight one another.


The woman behind the camera,ย Kiera Pierre Louis, spoke to Local 10 News explaining that a white male became upset after a black male took too long to remove his bag from the overhead locker as passengers were deplaning.


The white man then threw the first punch, she said, and called the black passenger the N-word.


“You can see the white man on top of the black passenger and just beating him in between the seats, the flight attendant got involved, the white man’s wife got involved, his son, I believe his son’s girlfriend, um, everyone was just involved,” Kiera said.


Kieraย claimed the first passenger, who she said started the fight was allowed to leave the plane, while the second man was told to stay behind.


“Racism, of course,” she said to Local 10 News. “The black passenger had to wait on the plane, when he didnโ€™t even start it, and the police, while we were walking off the plane, walked right past the person, the white man who actually initiated everything.”


Miami-Dade Police denied Kiera’s claim, telling the same news station that the black passengerย chose to stay on the aircraft so he could file a police report.ย The man, however, decided not to press charges.


In a statement, Frontier Airlines said: “All passengers involved were asked to remain on the aircraft, however some disregarded the flight crew’s instructions. Ultimately, local law enforcement became involved.”