VIDEO: Flight attendant slaps passenger, then he hits her back in row ‘over elbow room’

Shocking scenes on a Brussels Airlines flight.


Chaos erupted on a recent Brussels Airlines flight after a male passenger got into a physical altercation with a female flight attendant.


According to reports, the man’s mother-in-law was sat in a middle seat and was allegedly being elbowed by two men sat either side of her.


The son-in-law reportedly began shouting at cabin crew and nearby passengers, prompting a male flight attendant to attempt in calming him down.


“You don’t put your hands on me!” he shouts. “Calm down,” the male flight attendant replies.


The passenger can be heard threatening to “beat the s**t out of” the flight attendant, before the cabin crew supervisor attempts to resolve the incident.


However, things turn from bad to worse as the argument heats up between the passenger and the supervisor.


“He hit me!” the man tells the supervisor. “You saw him, and I’m recording!” his wife adds.


As the supervisor warns the man that he will “get in trouble”, he begins shouting louder while inching closer to her face.


The supervisor wipes off spit from her face before slapping the man.


As he strikes her back hard, gasps can be heard in the cabin.


Other passengers jump in to restrain the man, while the wife yells uncontrollably in the background.


“Get the f*** off of him!” she screams before the video ends.


Brussels Airlines did not immediately respond to a message for comment.