VIDEO: Man arrested after wild fight at Miami International Airport

Mass brawl after passengers argue over plane seats.


A man has been arrested after a mass brawl erupted in a departure lounge at Miami International Airport.


According to reports, the dispute was over seat availability on the plane.


In a video posted online, a group of four people can be seen grappling each other into a kiosk and another group of three throwing kicks and punches.


Bystanders in the terminal can be heard pleading for them to stop and calling for security.


“Guys, stop it,” a male voice can be heard yelling. “Security!” a female voice is heard calling.


The fighting appears to escalate as two people can be seen viciously kicking another person on the ground, before security eventually arrive at the scene bringing a stop to the madness.


“The victim did not want to press any charges. However, one person was arrested for disorderly conduct,” Miami-Dade police told the Miami Herald.


“The victim was treated by Miami-Dade Fire Rescue for minor injuries and released on the scene.”


Police are still looking for three men who they say were also responsible for starting the fights.


It is unclear how the suspects managed to evade capture while in the airside area of the airport.