VIDEO: Military vet screams N-word and attacks Miami Airport staff

VIDEO: Military vet screams N-word and attacks Miami Airport staff | Secret Flying

Vet’s violent outburst at Miami airport goes viral.


A military veteran was arrested at Miami International Airport after hurling racial abuse and physically attacking American Airlines staff for being refused boarding.


According to reports, the incident began when the man kicked a wet floor sign after he walked into a woman’s restroom to confront his girlfriend.


He was consequently banned from boarding his flight leading to the violent outburst.


In a video posted online, the rowdy man can be seen screaming at staff while swinging a security post at bystanders.


The man can be heard calling one of the airline staff the N-word as he threatens to throw a punch.


“Where’s the police?” a bystander could be heard asking, while another woman exclaimed with shock at his use of the N-word.


At one point, the man appears to throw a punch at an employee, resulting in himself falling to the ground.


Police eventually arrived at the scene, describing the man as a “military veteran in crisis.” He was transported to hospital for treatment and evaluation.


Miami-Dade Police tweeted: “Our Airport District officers immediately responded to the call by airport staff and transported him to a local hospital for treatment and evaluation. The MDPD is committed to the safety of all our residents and visitors.”


American Airlines released a statement on Saturday regarding the incident, saying in part: “When traveling with us, we expect all customers to follow our policies and we will not tolerate violence of any kind toward our team members. We thank our MIA team for their quick action and professionalism to ensure the safety of our customers and fellow team members.”