VIDEO: Parent helps her child graffiti on plane seats

A video posted to a popular Instagram shaming account shows a mother and child drawing on the seats in front of them.


A video posted to the Passenger Shaming Instagram account shows how a parent sat by and let her child vandalise the plane.


The adult even guides the child’s hand as it draws all over the seat in front.


In the video the camera pans across to see another tray table covered in blue colours.


“Not only are tray tables for changing s****y diapers on, now you can help your kids draw all over them! It’s only a $100M aircraft,” the Passenger Shaming caption read.


“Way to go! Look at you teaching this child about basic rules and simple respect for what doesn’t belong to them… ? My 4yo would have called you out for this!!” one person wrote.


Another said: “Wow, what a great way to teach kids how to respect things that don’t belong to them – nice parenting!”


The incident appears to have taken place on a Lufthansa Airbus A320.